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Contamination under a building?  No need to demolish or underpin. 


Our wide array of bio and chemical oxidation amendments, along with the latest injection technology, enables us to remediate under buildings without disturbing residence or active businesses.

In-Situ is also a very effective remediation option on large sites and brownfields where ex-situ is cost prohibitive.

The greatest advantage to in-situ remediation is that it remediates the contamination rather than relocating it as in the dig and dump option.



Removal of an immediate impact area or to expedite clean up on a site, ex-situ is vital part of remediation options.


Contamination is removed from site or bio-piled on site to remediate and put back in place once it receives clearance.

Many remediation plans combine both in-situ and ex-situ processes for greatest efficiency.   


Ground Water Remediation

Groundwater can be remediated with a variety of methods.

Pump and treat in mobile treatment units not only remediates the groundwater but assists in hydraulic containment. 


This can be used effectively along side both ex-situ and in-situ remediation processes.

Chemical oxidation, biotic and abiotic pathways are also effective methods to remediate groundwater in-situ.

All programs can be used in conjunction with each other.  Site conditions and client needs determine which remediation plan is most effective.

PRB Trenching.jpg

Permeable Reactive Barriers

Permeable Reactive Barriers are an effective way to protect one’s property.

With new technology using biotic and abiotic pathways, barriers can be installed via direct injection, trenching, soil mixing or wells which can be recharged.

With long lasting amendments, Permeable Reactive Barriers bring peace of mind to all stakeholders.


High Definition Delineation

Site characterization is a key ingredient to successful remediation. 

New Technology gives real time data and 3D model of the substrate delineating the contamination plume.


This not only gives data to create and effective remediation plan, it also expedites the process.

Using Dakota Technologies UVOST (Ultra Violet Optical Screening Tool) including the LIF (Laser Induced Fluorescence) and MIP (Membrane Interface Probe), the scope of contaminants can be quickly determined.


Environmental Site Assessments

Golden works closely with certified Environmental Engineers and QP’s to create the best remediation plan suited to the needs of all stakeholders.

Need a Phase 1 or Phase 2 ESA?  Need a Record of Site Condition or Risk Assessment?  Call Golden and we will connect you with on of our trusted Engineering firms who understand our remediation technologies.

Or connect us with your preferred engineering firm and we will work with them to find a remediation solution that best suits your needs. 

Golden is also here to walk you through the process of cleaning up a contaminated site so you know your options and what to expect.

Along with our strategic partners, Golden provides design, installation and operation of groundwater control systems including site specific engineering.

Depressurization of confined aquifers within or below excavations.  Efficient and economical submersible pump technology.  

Eductor and Vacuum wellpoint systems along with a variety of submersible pumps including pneumatic and diaphragm.  

Dewatering for Construction and Environmental Works

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Golden Environmental provides mold remediation by professionally trained and qualified mold remediation specialists.  Full PPE (personal protective equipment) and containment procedures are meticulously followed to ensure proper containment and safety of all personnel.

Each project has its own site specific remediation plan and health and safety guideline protocol prepared by a third party, qualified mold remediation hygienist. 

Remediation includes the identification and correction of the conditions that caused excessive mold growth.  It includes detailed steps to safely and effectively remove mold and damaged materials.

Mobile ECA.png

Mobile ECA

Golden Environmental carries a Mobile ECA with the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks.

Our license is one of the most comprehensive including in-situ, ex-situ and groundwater remediation. 

Listed on the license is a large array of amendments, including biotic, abiotic and chemical oxidative products approved for use in Canada.

Golden Environmental remains on the cutting edge and continues to update their license with new products as technology improves.

Sequester Oil and Gasoline Vapours Using BIM200

Watch our video showing how BIM200 eliminates vapours from oil and gasoline.



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